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North Recruitment

is a full service agency

These resourceful people are handpicked to fit your company’s work ethics and culture.

We are a company you can trust. Tapping into our resources goes beyond just finding the right employee to complete the job. It enables you to effectively save both time and money, allowing you to focus on what really matters; your core business.

o become a part of the North Recruitment , all applicants must undergo general skill examinations, along with specific tests for certain position such as number matching for order pickers. Before positioning any applicant with our clients, we ensure that they will provide quality service, are motivated to work hard and will represent us well.


We are a company you can trust.

You can trus us

your staffing partner

Long-term client relationships depend on the quality of the people placed with your company and service you receive. At North Recruitment, we know that getting it right from the very start is critical to ensure ongoing satisfaction. Our client profile matching system and systematic interview methods ensure that our quality standards are exceptional.

When you choose to collaborate with North Recruitment as your staffing partner, we manage all the administration and costs you would normally associate with staffing. This gives you the advantage to save valuable funds spent on recruiting, training and payroll arrangements. No extra paperwork, no staffing issues and no headaches! We supply you with the peace of mind, knowing that reliable and quality help is only a phone call away, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

North Recruitment is proud of its growing pool of skilled workers who can readily adapt to a wide variety of employment categories. Whether you need someone for one day or to swellyour workforce for a lengthy project, contact North Recruitment anytime, day or night, 7days a week. We also encourage you to draw from our pool of talent should you want to hire someone permanently.

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